Nellni (Singh)Hogan, LMFT

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"When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others."

​-Peace Pilgrim

What is Therapy?

What does it mean to attend therapy? It means you are going into a space and time to talk about your  thoughts, feelings, experiences, beliefs, challenges, relationship issues or problematic behaviors.  Therapy is not the cure to life’s problems but it can assist in altering negative thought patterns, self destructive behaviors and potentially improving relationships. Whether you choose to participate in individual, group, couple or family therapy, your therapist will work with you on developing a positive and nurturing relationship. A therapeutic relationship is one that is built on confidentiality that includes the content of what you chose to share along with the development of the therapeutic process.  Identify and acknowledging the therapeutic process is just as important as what you choose to share in therapy.

 Throughout the years attending therapy has become highly stigmatized.  Seeking therapy services does not make you “crazy” or “damaged.” Making the decision to start therapy can be scary and challenging but can help an individual work towards a healthier more whole self.  Choosing the right therapist can also be a difficult decision but once the relationship is formed it is one that will not be seen in any other sphere of life. ​